Ephyra come from Como (Italy) and play a Melodic Death Metal with Folk and Epic influences. After a demo (“Ephyra”-2009) and a first full length album (“Journey”-2013), the band starts an intense activity playing several concerts on stage, appearing on radio shows, touring abroad and playing in festivals like “Rock Inn Somma”, “Malpaga Folk and Rock” and “Fosch Fest”, with national and international bands such as Elvenking, Furor Gallico, Trick or Treat, Arkona, Finntroll, TYR, Carcass, Satyricon and more.

On November 2015 they release the second album “Along the Path”. Also some guests appear on this record: Davide Cicalese (Furor Gallico) Silvia Bonino (Folkstone), Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire), Mattia Stancioiu (Labyrinth, Crown of Autumn). The concept of this second work links every song into a story: a warrior has to find his way in life, constantly matching his own fate. The writing style is meant to recall common life issues and achievements by using an evocative narration.

On spring 2018 the third album “The Day Of Return” comes out (recorded, as the previous ones, by Mattia Stancioiu at Elnor Studio). Here the folk and epic tone remains, but ethnic instruments from Japan and Mongolia are added to the usual band instruments and vocals. Everything is mixed into an effective sound of today. The lyrics are personal and introspective, sometimes related to the concepts of Nature and rebirth. Guests on this record: Yesun-Erdene Bat (Khukh Mongol) – Morin khuur, Alexander Glenfield- Throat singing, Mattia Stancioiu- ethnic percussions, Demetra Fogazza, Tina Romanò, Elena Di Paola, Maria Macchi, Roberto Motta, Marco Annoni-choirs.
The most inspiring and related bands are: Ensiferum, Suidakra, Eluveitie, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity.

Line Up

  • Nadia Casali – Clean Vocals
  • Francesco Braga – Growl & Scream Vocals
  • Matteo Santoro – Guitars & Choirs
  • Paolo Diliberto – Guitars & Choirs
  • Patrick Segatto – Bass
  • John Tagliabue – Drums


  • “The Day Of Return” – Full length album 2018
  • “Along the Path” – Full length album 2015.
  • “Journey” – Full length album 2013.
  • “Ephyra” – Demo 2009.

Chronicle of Main Events

(For a detailed list of our live shows, please check the “Tour Dates” section on our Facebook Page).

  • July 2017: live at “Malpaga Folk & Rock Festival” with Tyr, Dalriada, Ulvedharr, Diabula Rasa and more.
  • January 2017: headliner live at “Traffic Live Club” – Roma, Italy
  • October 2016: live with Arkona at “Dagda Live Club”-Borgo Priolo (PV), Italy.
  • August 2016: live at “Festa Rock Novedrate” with Temperance.
  • August 2016: live at “Drakkarock” festival with Elvenking.
  • July 2016: live at “Rock Inn Somma” festival with Atroci.
  • May 2016: live at “Rockland Fest 2” with Elferya, Kanseil and Hell’s Guardian at “Dagda Live Club”, Borgo Priolo (PV) Italy.
  • May 2016: live at “Strigarium” festival with Materdea.
  • March 2016: live at “SpazioRock Night” with Whiteskull, at “Legend Club” Milano.
  • February 2016: live with Furor Gallico at “HonkyTonky”, Seregno (MB) Italy.
  • December 4th, 2015: the second album “Along the Path” is released in U.S. stores for “Bakerteam Records”.
  • November 25th, 2015: interview and live acoustic performance on “Radio Lombardia”, in the broadcast “LineaRock”, directed by Marco Garavelli.
  • November 20th, 2015: the second album “Along the Path” is released in European stores for “Bakerteam Records”.
  • November 14th, 2015: the second album “Along the Path” is released at “HonkyTonky”, Seregno (MB) Italy.
  • October 2015: the official video-clip “All At Once” is released for “Bakerteam Records”.
  • September 2015: Signing with “Bakerteam Records” for the release of the second album “Along the Path” in Europe and USA.
  • August 2015: Live at “Fosch Fest” with Carcass, Finntroll, Satyricon, Kampfar, Arkona, Dalriada, ADE, Heidevolk, Finsterforst, Månegarm and more.
  • June 2015: “Rock In Park” with Furor Gallico at LegendClub, Milan-Italy.
  • April 2015: Live with Elvenking at “HonkyTonky”, Seregno (MB)-Italy.
  • December 2014: Folk attack fest vol. III with Evenoire at “Live Keller”, Curno (BG) Italy.
  • November 2014: Folk Rock Summit with MaterDea, Kalevala and Evenoire at “Rock’n’Roll Arena”, Romagnano Sesia (NO) Italy.
  • November 2014: the official video-clip “Journey” is released with Evenoire at “HonkyTonky”, Seregno (MB) Italy.
  • September 2014: headliner at “Morazzone Folk Fest”, with Kanseil and Sidhe.
  • August 2014: live at “Malpaga Folk & Rock Festival” with Elvenking, Diabula Rasa, Evenoire, Ulvedharr, Alexander Wyrd – Arcana Opera, Vallorch, Kanseil.
  • July 2014: live at “Rock Inn Somma” festival with Trick or Treat, Bulldozer, Temperance, Vallorch, Kanseil, Rustless, Dustineyes.
  • April 2014: interview and live report by “Tempi-Dispari” magazine.
  • April 2014: live with Furor Gallico at “HonkyTonky”, Seregno (MB) Italy.
  • March 2014: signing with “Jack Rock Agency”.
  • February 2014: tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • December 2013: interview and live acoustic performance on “Radio Lombardia”, in the program “LineaRock” directed by Marco Garavelli.
  • December 2013: “Journey” is relayed by “Folk Metal Radio”.
  • November 2013: guests at “Zoe Club” (Milan, Italy) to present “Journey” in a DJ set.
  • November 2013: interview and live acoustic performance on “Radio Cantù”.
  • November 2013: the full lenght album “Journey” is released with Elvenking at “Woodstock Live Pub”, Grandate (CO) Italy.
  • May 2009: demo tape “Ephyra”.