Ephyra come from Como (Italy) and play an Epic Death Metal with Folk influences. After a demo (“Ephyra”-2009) and a first full length album (“Journey”-2013), the band starts an intense activity playing several concerts on stage, appearing on radio shows, touring abroad in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and playing in festivals like “Rock Inn Somma”, “Malpaga Folk and Rock” and “Fosch Fest”, with national and international bands: Elvenking, Furor Gallico, Trick or Treat, Arkona, Finntroll, Carcass, Satyricon and more. Their second album “Along the Path” (recorded at the Elnor Studio by Mattia Stancioiu) is released on November 20th 2015 in Europe and December 4th in USA for Bakerteam Records. Also some guests appear on this record: Davide Cicalese (Furor Gallico)-voice in “All at Once”, Silvia Bonino (Folkstone)-Harp, Lisy Stefanoni (Evenoire)-Flute, Mattia Stancioiu (Labyrinth, Crown of Autumn)-ethnic percussions. The musical style evolved itself into a more modern mix of Death guitar riffs and rhythmic section, growl/scream male voice, clean female voice and folk/symphonic/ethnic instruments. The concept of this new work links every song into a story: a warrior has to find his way in life, constantly matching his own fate. The setting alternates a fantastic background (with battles, wild landscapes and glorious hymns) with dreamlike atmospheres. This writing style is meant to recall common life issues and achievements by using an evocative narration. The most inspiring and related bands are: Ensiferum, Suidakra, Equilibrium, Eluveitie, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity

Ephyra are:
Nadia Casali – Clean Vocals
Francesco Braga – Growl/Scream Vocals
Matteo Santoro – Guitars & Choirs
Paolo Diliberto – Guitars & Choirs
Patrick Segatto – Bass
John Tagliabue – Drums